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Olivier Choinière


Olivier Choinière is the artistic director and executive director of L’ACTIVITÉ. He’s been working as a playwright and theatre director for over twenty-five years. His plays have been translated into many languages and have been performed in Canada, Europe, and Asia. Olivier Choinière teaches at the National Theatre School of Canada and frequently gives workshops and lectures. He is a regular contributor to Jeu, Liberté, and Nouveau Projet magazine. His plays are published by Atelier 10, Leméac, and Dramaturges éditeurs.

Prise de parole


Gascon-Thomas Award 2015

Presented by the National Theatre School of Canada to recognize the contribution of a Canadian theatre artist who, throughout their career, has helped the theatre community evolve artistically.

Siminovitch Prize 2014

Siminovitch Prize celebrates a professional mid-career Canadian playwright

whose work is transformative and influential. 

Victor Martyn Lynch Staunton 2014

Given by the Canada Council for the Arts for outstanding artistic achievement

by Canadian mid-career artists.


Future Generation Millennium Prize 2001

Given by the Canada Council for the Arts to an artist

showing great potential for future excellence.


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