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A discordant score for a family dinner

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Premiered at Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui, Montréal 

February 24th to March 22nd,  2015

Running Time — 85 minutes

Michel-Tremblay Award for Best Play, Fondation du CEAD, 2015


Prize for Best Play, 2015
l’Association québécoise des critiques de théâtre (AQCT)

Family dinner. Adults in the kitchen, kids in the living room. Shifting from current events to bank transactions, political polarity to cultural collapse, the conversation flows and overlaps, and eventually turns into a settling of scores, cacophony, and war.

Putting our behaviour under a microscope, this play questions our need for scapegoats, and more broadly, our need for hatred - both within ourselves and society. Who’s to blame for what’s tearing us all apart inside? A distorted and disturbing mirror where violence is the reflection of despair.

Rats eat everything. If a rat’s trapped, it’ll do anything to get away. It’ll eat a path right through whatever’s in front of it.

2015 Photo Valerie Discount


Written and directed by Olivier Choinière

Performed by Frédéric Blanchette, Muriel Dutil, Amélie Grenier, Alexane Jamieson, Brigitte Lafleur, Steve Laplante, Alexis Plante

Assistant Director and Stage Manager Stéphanie Capistran-Lalonde
Set Designer Jean Bard
Costumes Elen Ewing
Makeup and Hair Sylvie Rolland-Provost
Lighting designed by Mathieu Marcil
Sound Design Eric Forget
Props Angela Rassenti
Video Michel-Antoine Castonguay
Dramaturgy Jean Marc Dalpé
Puppetry Consultant Olivier Ducas
Production Manager Annie Lalande
Technical Codirectors Jean-Philippe Charbonneau, Francis Laporte
Stagehand Eric-William Quinn

Coproduced by L'ACTIVITÉ and Centre du Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui

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