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An audio walk through a public square under construction

Projet d'aménagement

Premiered in Montréal
Starting from the Leonard and Bina Ellen gallery, during the Off-Biennale

Playing with the audio-guide trope, L'ACTIVITÉ leads the visitor outside the gallery and guides them to a public square which is under construction.

Overlaid on the daily hustle and bustle and a changing neighbourhood, the audio track reveals a  perpetual performance in progress.

This piece exposes the city’s current ambitions to become a cultural capital with a new urban plan.

The audio-guided tour plunges the visitor in the drama of the political “game”, asking them to what extent they're willing to be players.

Historique2_Projet d amenagement2003.jpg
Stand in front of the statue of Norman-Bethune.
Look at the statue of Norman-Bethune.
Copy Norman-Bethune’s body position.
If anyone offers you money, refuse it.
If anyone mocks you, accept it.
If the police arrest you, resist.
Be a hero.


Written and directed by Olivier Choinière
Voice Simone Chevalot



Produced by L'ACTIVITÉ

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