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A ubiquitous tragedy


Premiered at Centre du Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui - Montréal
August 9th to 25, 2000 

In 1959, scientist André Delorme experiments with teleportation down in his bungalow’s basement laboratory.


But when a fly lands in his teleportation machine, turning him into an insect-headed monster, his wife and son have to learn how to live with him.

A monster - that’s what you are! YES, that’s something you understand. It must be terrible to feel only THAT. All through your body - that one, monstrous thought. And now it’s just a fire burning inside your skull - raging. Just heat - in your hand - your paw - squeezing my throat. Only one thought: squeeze, squeeze, squeeze - yes - HARDER.


Written and directed by Olivier Choinière
Performed by Marc Beaupré, Simone Chevalot, Michel Lavoie

Set, Costume and Prop Design Marie-Pierre Fleury, Massimo Guerrera, Corinne Lemieux
Sound Design Vincent Croteau
Lighting Étienne Boucher
Technical Director and Stage Management Louis Héon
Communications Sylvie Lachance

Produced by L'ACTIVITÉ

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